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XIII International Festival of Ice Sculpture "Polar Rhapsody", 2015

1Konstantin Yevdokimov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Aleksejs Geiko (Latvia) "Dance", I place
2Denis Shveduk (Novosibirsk, Russia), Aleksey Kulik (Tashtagol, Russia) "A Child of Arctiсa", II place
3Aleksander Parfenov (Barnaul, Russia), Igor Vlasov (Krasnodar, Russia) "Wherever Frost at All Times", III place
4Sebastien Ouellette, Mathieu Ouellette (Canada) "Polar Dance"
5Heejoon Kang, Hyung Pil Park (Korea) "A Pioneer"
6Agnese Rudzite - Kirillova, Anatolijs Kirillovs (Latvia) "Movement"
7Yurii Mistrukov, Vladimir Mistrukov (Ryazan, Russia) "Heart of a Shaman"
8Natalya Talighina, Radion Bekshenev (Salekhard, Russia) "The YAMAL Sun"
This time the Festival was dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the topic for the sculptures was “Yamal is the Heart of Arctic”. The participants of the competition were 8 teams from Canada, Korea, Latvia and Russia.

The best work – “Dance” – was created by a Russian-Latvian tandem including Konstantin Yevdokimov and Aleksejs Geiko.
The second place was won by the Russian team that represents Novosibirsk and Tashtagol (Kemerovskaya oblast) – Denis Shveduk and Aleksey Kulik with a work “A Child of Arctica”.
The third place was given to another Russian duet Aleksander Parfenov (Barnaul) and Igor Vlasov (Krasnodar) for the work “Wherever Frost at All Times…”.

Special prizes were given to other participants: Governor’s Prize was given to Yurii Mistrukov and Vladimir Mistrukov from Ryazan for the work “Heart of a Shaman”. Mayor’s Prize was given to the Canadian team – Sebastien Ouellette and Mathieu Ouellette – for the work “Polar Dance”. There was also a traditional prize established by the Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie” to memorize a Moscow sculptor Nikolay Polukarov. The prize was given to Agnese Rudzite-Kirillova and Anatolijs Kirillovs for the work “Movement”.
Special prizes of the Jury were given to the team from Korea Heejoon Kang and Hyung Pil Park for the work “A Pioneer”, and a team from Salekhard – Natalya Talighina and Radion Bekshenev – the work “The Yamal Sun”.

The organizers of the festival are Administration of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Non-profit organization “Fund of Collaboration of Yamal”, Non-profit Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie”. 


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