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Perm summarized the results of the open competition Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Sculpture ‘Zimniy Vernissage’

51. Agnese Rudzite-Kirillova, Anatolijs Kirillovs (Latvia), "Symbiosis"
62. Nipon Sasarn, Kowit Siebunroung (Thailand), "Thai Charming"
73. Yuriy Mistrukov, Vladimir Mistrukov (Ryazan, Russia), "Wherein a Rose and a Volcano"
84. Oleg Klavdeyev (Artemovskiy, Russia), Andrey Koshelev (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), "Over the Land Over the Native". III Degree Laureates
95. Denis Shveduk, Alexey Akhmetov (Novosibirsk, Russia), "Born by the Steppe"
106. Vadim Polin (Khabarovsk, Russia), Ivan Loktuhin (Kirovsk, Russia), "Came from the Childhood", Polukarov Memorial Award
117. Vitaliy Lednev (Izhevsk, Russia), Junichi Nakamura (Japan), "The Living Journey of Our Fish", I Degree Laureate
128. Alexey Tatarinov (Nizhniy Taghil, Russia), Olga Peshkova (Perm, Russia), "Winter in Taghil"
139. Yong Chong Ming, Vasan Angalan (Malaysia), "The Big Catch"
1410. Konstantin Yevdokimov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Aleksejs Geiko (Latvia), "My Small Universe", II Degree Laureates
151.Natalia Mumbru, Laura Medinilla (Argentina), "Flight of the Bandoneon"
162. Rustam Ismaghilov, Lev Bezmaternyh (Perm, Russia), "Every Bird Likes its Own Nest"
173. Natalya Skarednova, Olga Morozova (Omsk, Russia), "A Formed Person"
184. Donatas Mockus (Lithuania), Ineses Valtere-Ulande (Latvia), "Planet №Earth", II Degree Laureates
195. Vania Cusini, Lidia Vigano (Italy), "My Small Motherland", I Degree Laureates
206. Ingrid Struenze (Moscow, Russia), Viktor Arsenyev (St.Petersburg, Russia), "My Dear Moscow", III Degree Laureates
217. Andrey Katayev, Aleksey Vasyukov (Perm, Russia), "Family Nest"
228. Aleksey Kulik, Yevgheniy Kulik (Barnaul, Russia), "Umaj"
239. Aleksander Skarednov, Anatoliy Skarednov (Tumen, Russia), "One's Native Heath"
2410. Pang Yu, Xianguo Meng (China), "China Voice", Polukarova Memorial Award

Perm summarized the results of the IV Open Competition "Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Sculpture 'Zimniy Vernissage'

On the ceremony were not only sculptors who participated in the Competition, but also members of the Jury, organizers of the event, and Head of the Perm City Administration Dmitriy Samoilov, his deputy Aleksey Gribanov and head of the Culture and Mass Policy Department Vyacheslav Torchinskiy.

Dmitriy Samoilov said:

' I want to thank our partners: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture, youth policy and mass comunication of Perm region, personally Aleksey Tutnev and his Fund of Sculptors of Russia 'Edinenie'. I have seen the works of all the participants. They are brilliant! Snow and ice sculpture became decoration of our city, and I hope they will amaze citizens and guests of Perm for a long time.

20 ice and snow sculptures grew up on the city esplanade less than in a week. All of them are separate works showing artistic reflections on the topic “My Small Motherland”, and each participant understands this topic in his or her own way. 

Representatives from  9 countries (Argentina, China, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Russia) and 15 cities of Russia (Artemovskiy (Sverdlovskaya oblast), Barnaul, Khabarovsk, Kirovsk (Murmanskaya oblast), Krasnoyarsk, Izhevsk,  Moscow, Nizhniy Taghil, Novosibirsk,  Omsk, Perm, Ryazan, St.Petersburg, Tumen, Yekaterinburg, ) presented real masterpieces to the Permians.

On 17 January the Jury announced the results:

Category “Snow Sculpture”:

III Degree Laureates – Ingrid Struenze (Moscow, Russia), Viktor Arsenyev (St.Petersburg, Russia) – sculpture «My Dear Moscow»,

II Degree Laureates Donatas Mockus (Lithuania), Inese Valtere-Ulande (Latvia) sculpture “Planet Nr. Earth”,

I Degree Laureates, owners of the Cup – Vania Cusini (Italy), Lidia Vigano (Italy) – sculpture «My Small Motherland»;

CategoryIce Sculpture

III Degree Laureates – Oleg Klavdeyev (Artemovskiy, Russia), Andrey Koshelev (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) – sculpture  «Over the Land Over the Native»,

II Degree Laureates Konstantin Yevdokimov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Aleksejs Geiko (Latvia)sculpture «My Small Universe»,

I Degree Laureates, owners of the Cup – Vitaliy Lednev (Izhevsk, Russia), Junichi Nakamura (Japan) – sculpture «The Living Journey of Our Fish».

Vania Cusini, sculptor from Italy, owner of the Cup in category "Snow Sculpture"

I’ve learned about Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Sculpture in 2013, and that time I wanted to participated in it, I am very happy that after a selection tour I could present my work. On the “Zimniy Vernissage” there is a very friendly atmosphere, and synergy among the sculptors. The time that Lidia and I spend in Perm communicating with the organizers and other masters is very precious for us.

As for the topic of the competition “My Small Motherland” it is Livigno, a city where I live. It is a small resort place in the heart of Reatisch Alps. “My Small Motherland” is my family, my children, spirit of art which prevails in the house. Livigno is the place where dreams are born, many stories and secrets are collected in several books. These books keep the balance, or looking for it.

On the competition in Perm I present the sculpture “Italian Stories”… I thought of a work dedicated to books and all those stories that live in them.  A pile of books stacked together, some are opened, and others are closed. I like to think about billions of words, letters, points and commas that are in these books, about dreams and wishes hiding inside. The power of sculpture plastic interacts with the content of poems, poetry, scientific researches creating a game of light and shadows typical for stories with their secrets and mysteries.

Apart from that captains of the teams also shared their opinion. Victory in captains’ competitions in category “Ice Sculpture” belongs to the team of Yuriy and Vladimir Mistrukov with a work “Wherein a Rose and a Volcano”. In category “Snow Sculpture” masters agreed to be the best work “Planet №Earth” from Donatas Mockus and Inese Valtere-Ulande.

Also the Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie” established Polukarov Memorial Award. A Moscow sculptor Nikolay Polukarov was one of the pioneers of snow and ice carving in Perm, he was a numerous prize-taker and winner of international competitions of sculpture in our country and abroad. Owners of the prize in category “Snow Sculpture” became a team from China Pang Yu and Xianguo Meng with a work “China Voice”, in category “Ice Sculpture” – Vadim Polin from Khabarovsk and Ivan Loktuhin from Kirovsk with a work “Came from the Childhood”. Also Chairman of the Jury Yuriy Lapshin gave his special prize – one of his works – to Ingrid Struenze from Moscow.

All the works will remain on the site of the ice complex “Bukva-Grad” till the end of the work of the complex. One can visit the gallery in the open air every day during the working hours.


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