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Cement Provocation

1Participants of the Festival
2“Kind Panda” Ivan Smirnov (Russia, Perm)
3“Skater” Aleksander Skarednov (Russia, Tumen)
4“Gornozavodks is on the Axis of the Universe” Sergey Putilov (Russia, Perm)
5 “An Ordinary Story” Andrey Barahvostov (Russia, Nizhniy Taghil)
6“Pigeons” Aleksander Savinov (Russia, Yekaterinburg)
7“A Kind Heart” Vladimir Pavlov (Russia, Zhukovskiy)
8Vladimir Pavlov (Russia, Zhukovskiy)
9A master-class for children
10A master-class for children
11A master-class for children
12A master-class for children
13A master-class for children
14A master-class for children
15A master-class for children
16A master-class for children
An interesting project – a Festival of Cement Sculpture “A Cement Provocation” – took place in summer, 2013. The Festival was held within the project “Gornozavodskoye – SOLID”. This project won in the competition “Cultural Centers of the Perm Region” with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Youth Policy and Mass Communication of the Perm Region. The organizer of the Festival became Non-profit Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie”. Partner of the Festival was “Gornozavodskcement, Ltd”.

The project had several stages that included work of the sculptors with the gypsum model of the sculptures, taking a cast of the models and then casting itself. The sculptures were installed in the central streets of Gornozavodsk, a small town in the Perm region.
Presentation of the sculptures and greeting the sculptors – authors of the works – took place on 10 August on the central square of Gornozavodsk. The event became a real holiday for the citizens. During the voting People’s Choice Award was given to the sculpture “Pigeons”, author – a young sculptor from Yekaterinburg Aleksander Savinov.

Participants of the Festival:
Aleksander Skarednov (Tumen) “Skater”
Ivan Smirnov (Perm) “Kind Panda”
Sergey Putilov (Perm) “Gornozavodks is on the Axis of the Universe”
Andrey Barahvostov (Nizhniy Taghil) “An Ordinary Story”
Aleksander Savinov (Yekaterinburg) “Pigeons”
Vladimir Pavlov (Zhukovskiy, Moscow Region), “A Kind Heart”

A master-class for children became an important part of the Festival. It was held on the territory of a kinder-garden. Under the supervision of a sculptor Aleksey Tatarinov more than 20 children of different age participated in the master-class.


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